esperanza rising

era una goben llamada esperaza  era una nina muy bonita lo tenia todo sus papa la queria mucho tenian mucho dinero asta que una vez lo perdieron todo tuvieron que irse su papa se murio su vida camvio , a abuelita and esperanza slept in the vents; cansbins. they really didn’t sleep much but they didn’t cry either. they were numb, as if encased in a thick skin that nothing could penetrate and there was no point in talking about how it happened, they all knew that the uncles had arranged the fire. at dawn, still in her nightgown, esperanza went out among the rubble. avoiding the smoldering piles, she picked through the black wood hoping to find something to salvage. she sat on an adobe block near what used to be the be the front door, and looked over at papa’s  rose garden flowerless stems were covered in soot. dazed and hugging herself,



se trata de un chico que tiene poderes y lucha conttra los villanos su nombres es spiderman

stampeded” wasn’t the first word that came to spider man’s mind as he swung above the neon lit streets of the new york city area called time and tou time square. it was “panic.”

on a normal evening, times square is the center of entertainment  in the big apple. its streets area lined with shops, restaurants, theatres and movie houses; its sidewalks area tightly packed with visitors and tourist  from around the world. but it was a sure bet that the city’s tourist board didn’t have mind what was happening this night.